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Anie’s Exclusive Air Brush Cleaner 8oz Made in USA

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An excellent way to help keep your airbrush clean and in top shape. It's easy to use, highly concentrated, yet gentle and effective. Contains no hazardous solvents and is environmentally friendly. This bottle should last you years! 

Cleans Makeup, Oils, Acrylics, Inks, Dyes, Varnish, Glues, Resins, Airbrush mediums and more!

- Shortly after each use, rinse out the remaining makeup with a few drops of water, then add a few drops the Airbrush Cleaner.
Spray any excess cleaning solution into a sink, tissue, or waste basket. Your airbrush is now clean and can be stored away until you're ready for your next makeup application.

    For best results, keep your airbrush in Dinair Cleaning Caps with Ania’s Cleaner in-between uses. This maintenance technique allows your airbrushes be always clean and ready to use.

    Note: make sure to rinse any remaining cleaner out of the nozzle with water before  adding Foundation.