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Anie’s Rose Water 2-Bottle Set (Total 6oz)

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One of Anie's best-kept beauty secrets; this special Rosewater spray.
Each bottle delivers a Fine Mist Spray.

Large bottle contains 4 fl. oz of Rosewater
Small bottle contains 2 fl. oz of Rosewater
(Total of 6 fl. oz)

Ingredients: Pure Rose Flower Water. Product of the Middle East. Food Grade.

Having 2 Spray bottles is very convenient, put one in your purse and leave one near your bathroom vanity!

Regular use of rose water will keep the skin free of extra oil and help prevent problems like blackheads, whiteheads, acne and pimples. Using rose water as toner is better than using chemical-based toners which might dry out the skin. Rose water has soothing properties and can be used as an all-natural skin toner.

Rose Water Hydrates the skin

In our busy lives and routines we might not find time to hydrate the parched skin. Dehydration and dryness can lead to a lot skin problems like premature ageing, redness, tingling sensation and even rashes. Its best we keep the skin hydrated from inside as well as from outside. While drinking water is highly recommended, carrying a hydrating spray can be a savior for your skin especially in hot and humid weather conditions.

One of the amazing benefits of rose water is that it can add a burst of moisture to the skin. The skin will feel cool, soft and soothed instantly. You can use it directly or mix rose water in your face mask, cream or lotion to add extra dose of moisturization to the skin.

Rose water gives healthy glow to the skin and is good for boosting hydration. Mix a small amount of rose water in your moisturizing cream and apply it on your face for a refreshing feel. The moisturizer will get easily absorbed in the skin hydrating it from within. Or simply apply Anie’s Serum after spraying rosewater for an amazing natural glow!

Rose Water Reduces Under-Eye Puffiness

The easiest way to combat under eye puffiness is giving it a cold compress or spray of this amazing water. It gives skin a refreshed look.

Rosewater also has anti-inflammatory properties which reduce redness in the skin. Its gentleness can be used on the sensitive under-eye area without any worry. Puffy eyes will immediately perk up and look rejuvenated with a quick spray of Anie's rose water.


If your eyes are tired or puffy from lack of sleep, Anie has a simple 2-step solution for you:
1- Take a chilled bottle of rose water (refrigerated for a while).
2- Soak cotton pads in it and gently place on your eyelids. Keep on for as long as you want while enjoying the soothing feeling around your eyes. It will help reduce puffiness and give relief to tired eyes instantly.

Rose Water as Natural Face Mist and Setting Spray

Face mists are multi-taskers. These help to cleanse tone and hydrate the skin along with restoring the skin’s pH balance. Apart from that these come handy when you need to freshen up on the go. Face mists usually come fortified with extracts of natural ingredients which are good for the skin. But in case you run out of the face mist, you need not fret. Rose water can act as your personal face mist and makeup setter and save you some good money!

Keeping rose water handy in your bag can help you wipe of the sweat and dirt accumulated on the face while on the go. The best part is that it can be used in all seasons as it’s gentle on the skin and even hydrating. A quick spray of rose water on the face or sweaty skin will refresh it immediately and can be used as many times as required without worrying about the side effects or dryness in the skin.

A spritz of rose water on your face after a long day can be quite refreshing. It can also be used to set make-up and give a dewy finish.

Rose Water as Natural Makeup Remover

The soothing properties of rose water make it a gentle makeup remover for all skin types. When mixed with a natural oil, it can dissolve most of the makeup without being harsh on the skin. The skin will feel fresh and hydrated later and the floral fragrance adds to the delightful experience.

Legal Disclaimer :

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