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DIAMOND MINI Cut-Off 4-Disc Set

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These DIAMOND MINI Cut-Off Discs work great on the "SAVE YOUR HANDS" tool or the PRO-FLEXSHAFT Handpiece Kit for precision cutting and trimming of small stones, glass or enamel. You can also use them to make grooves and for other creative projects.

Their slim profile (1/32" thin) helps fit them into hard-to-reach areas and lets them cut with minimal material loss. The electroplated diamond abrasives are securely bonded for optimal performance. You can even use the sides of the disc for some very light sanding action!

Set includes the following diameters: 1", 7/8", 11/16", 5/8".
Includes 1 discs of each diameter for a total of 4 discs and the corresponding 3/32” mandrel(s). 

These discs are also available with the SAVE YOUR HANDS TOOL as a Kit.

They are great complement to the rest of your JOOLTOOL accessories.

For other great accessories to use with your Flexshaft, consider the MINI Scratch-Eraser Set and the MINI Felt Polishing Set.

Mini Diamond Cut-Off Disc on Stones
Mini Diamond Cut Off Disc on Stone 2