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UPDATE: 3-22-2024: Available in black color only. 

This Face Visor is a practical wearable face / eye protector. It's designed to use for messy bench work: grinding, soldering, working with liquids and more. It holds securely around your neck and covers a large area of up to 150 degrees in front of your face. Great for people that can't wear goggles or if you're like Anie and don't want to mess up your makeup! The visor's angle is adjustable to suit your head tilt. Pair it with a Dust-Mask for optimal personal protection.

- One Size fits most
- Comfortable, Ergonomic Fit
- Super Clear Visor Lens
- Easy-On, Easy Off Design; no pesky straps, handles or knobs.
- Wide Area of Protective Coverage
- Adjustable Visor Tilt Angle
- Shatter-proof, shock-resistant Polycarbonate visor material.

JOOL Face Visor Flexshaft
Face Visor Adjustment