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Shine Scale - Felt Polishing Wheel
Anie’s favorite polishing wheel! This is a superior quality felt that is used in final polishing work. Its medium density allows for super flat polishes yet still permits minimal contouring. It has a super long life and can be easily trued as needed. For best results, use it with our JOOLTOOL™ Compound.

Available in:
- UNMOUNTED: Single disc for replacing a worn one
- MOUNTED: Fully applied on a Backpad and Prepped by our staff for you. Comes with a FREE 1oz Bar of Compound! (limited time only)

Automotive applications: Use for polishing pretty much anything: it’s excellent for small flat surfaces, like metal knobs, emblems, valves, electrical connectors and anywhere you need a super high-polished finish.

Jewelry applications: An excellent choice for the final finish on brass, gold, silver, stainless steel and even platinum! Use for getting super crisp & flat polishes without ruining the “lapped” edges & detailed work. All in all, it’s perfect for ALL your polishing needs!

Woodworking applications: Perfect for the highest polish on tool steels: polish turning gouges and carving tools for the smoothest cut ever! Polish even the smallest of V-tools. Use a “strong” compound with this Felt wheel to polish harder tool steels like tungsten carbide.

Home improvement & Hobby applications: Polish tarnished antique toys, ornaments, etc.

By the way, this felt is made from the finest wool from New Zealand and combed to remove the slighest impurity